“At a certain point of My Experience Here, a 'Request' was made to REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides & The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS, that there be a 'Real Confrontation' with Everything that is Effecting 'Your Planet Earth' and so much more in the Five Levels of Creation. From everyone who has a body on this Earth, to all the planets and stars, and to all the Levels of Time & Space & Cause & Effect Creation, those souls & Utuns that have made Their Karmic Debt Choices into The NUNownisss LifeIS, will Now Face ThemSelves and what they have Decided, which is why Your Planet has been Purposely Poisoned! Most unaware people, and even those who are into the 'galactic this and that's' will not realistically understand The Real Presence of The RealGuides & THE ALLLISSS, as this RealEvent has already taken place on, 12 Midnight, October 31, 2017, where, the Queen Bitch of Orion has been sent to The Phantom Zone with HER Undying Arrogance. The Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) which SHE is part of, have used Your Earth and countless other planets for HER Slave Driven HUman Farming for more eons than can be imagined! It is so that Creation is a 'simulator' for ALL of US to gain experiences in, and at the same time there comes a point, which ISNOW, to where Enough IS Enough! With Your Earth being Destroyed by ChemTrails, HAARP, WiFi, politics, religion, worshiping gods, stupid masters & gurus, lethal vaccines, legal drugs, subliminal marketing ploy, fracking and so much more on a massive scale, I had decided to StepUp and make the 'Request' to send those who have been responsible for what Does Not Serve as a RealBenefit with The ALLNatural Environment Supporting ALL of US, to go into The Phantom Zone. What this means is... SHE and HER Bratty Stupid Son ENKI, plus countless stubbornly stupid unaware others, will Not be returning in new bodies to continue their awakening to a Real WakeUp, until they 'adjust' themselves in the Nothingness of The Phantom Zone, where there is Nothing! There is No creating anything in the 'Zone' and all those who are there have to deal every moment with themselves to where they cannot Effect those who want to continue their Journey to Recognize, THE ALLLISSS. Those who are in the 'Zone' have already Decided that Mass Destruction comes first with THEM, along with their Distorted Self-Adoration of Kontrolling others! And so IT IS, that they are exactly where they have Decided ThemSelves to BE! To most, what I am presenting Here would seem like science fiction... But Guess What... WakeUp and Look Around YOU... Unless YOU Decide to Do Something Now with what is taking place on Your Planet Earth, then YOU will be part of all the unaware who will grow old once again and forget you were ever Here, and YOU will be returning in Deformed Bodies once again... YOU DECIDE! Read... THE UNUVERSAL FILES UPDATE 10.2017 (Parts 1,2,3) by THE NUWAVIS DUANEVA on Facebook. MORE TO COME...



    “There are many Humanitarian Agendas all over Your Planet Earth, and there are those who are sincere with what they are doing, but where do they really lead those involved? It is more than obvious that to 'give & share' with others is a Better Choice than to steal and harm them. Giving & Sharing is what we are each raised with as our parents demonstrated this. And so it would 'seem' as though what is being provided by some, and especially the Government Humanitarian Programs, is helping people. In a way it is, but what is the Hidden Agenda of what they are really doing? It can be so that to assist and help a person survive has it's merits and accomplishments, but then again, when these 'programs' keep a person continually unaware of their TruPotential, and blindly keep them subservient to the created order of things, and also unconsciously and silently move them into future lifetimes of the same old 'look-good' routines, then one has to ask... What good are they OverALL? WWWE as Wonderful WorldWide Educators, SEEE The Bigger Picture with Our ALLHumanitarian NUProjects that entail RealGuidance, RealEducation and to Become Self-Sufficient, and to 'Never' have to Reincarnate on this planet or any other again! NO More Karma! WWWE Are Real! WWWE are with REBISAR & The Real UNUversal Guides who can Eliminate ALL Your Karma during this lifetime, as YOU Learn to Earn Your Way with US, and go beyond Cause & Effect Creation with it's 'implied' freedoms, into Real UNUversis of RealFreedom where YU, The RealU, has a RealLife in Endlisss UNUversis of PurReality! YOU can 'Learn to Seee' what the Humanitarian Programming of the Authoritarians and their Space Deities are really doing by Singing The RealConnection with The TruReality LifeIS, 'NU~U~U~U' and Watch Your DreamVisions, The RealSide LifeIS. ThereIS a Better Way to Share with ALL, and to show Everyone, How to Become MoreAware & SelfSufficient... This 'IS' what WWWE Do! Their 'official programming programs' only lead to more drudgerous unaware lifetimes, as YOU have already been through so many times before! They are 'backed' with Their Hidden Agendas of Kontrol, while WWWE are 'Backed Up' by The Real UNUversal Guides & The PurReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS. YOU are the one who Always Decides Your Life! YOU have a Real Opportunity like Never Before to Free YourSelf from ALL the created Restricting 'ideas' of politics, religion, spiritual, science, masters & gurus, and so much more! As we are ALL in Creation, and it is so that while we are still Here, we will use what Creation is really meant for, and that 'IS' to Become Aware of 'what is Not real' and to 'Seee What IS Real Now' and WakeUp to The TruReality LifeIS, THE ALLLISSS! YOU DECIDE!


    “There is a whole lot more that is taking place that is Not Seen from the social views of the unaware masses on Your Planet Earth. YOU and almost Everyone has been so heavily indoctrinated for lifetimes and you 'think & believe' that Earth is the only place there is as to what everyone Here has come to know as life. There is a 'form' of life Here, and There 'IS' a Lot More to The Whole of Life than just round worlds and psychic planes in Creation. The 'form' of life Here has been created by YOU & Everyone who has a body Here! YOU & Everyone have been seduced by the 'Certain Few' to make YOU 'think' a certain way and to React to what has been marketed to YOU & Everyone. YOU have become 'One-Dimensionalized' to this Physical Realm of Darkness. When you leave here, you will probably go into the Designated Astral Worlds to some place that you have been so many times before, and you may 'think' it is a Heaven, but it is merely another 'Place in Life' where you will be Kontrolled, until you are made to return Here and once more work your whole life as a Slave for Their Systems! Behind 'The Big Kurtains' of the Kalaum God Grog and the Reptilian Alien TapLiners (RATS) is so many Outer Space Galactic Konquerors, like the political governments on Your Planet Earth. There are a lot of people who have experiences with the Galactic People, who are mainly physical and astral. WWWE~Wonderful WorldWide Educators are always sharing a RealBenefit for ALL, and WWWE are Very Aware of what is taking place in this physical realm and all of Creation. Our RealFocus 'IS' The ALLNatural Environment on ALLLevels of Life. WWWE Seee what the 'galactic people' are doing, as everything is a Choice. YOU can WakeUp with US~UNUversal SuperBeings, or continue as you are into more lifetimes of dealing with The World Kontrollers and the RATS... HAVE FUN DECIDING!




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